Graduation extra-point

Extra points are automatically given:

(a) one point, if the candidate graduates within the last graduation session of the last academic year of the normal duration of the Master programme (laurea in corso); this is normally the Winter session of the second academic year (i.e. March of the year of enrolment + 3);

(b) one point, if the candidate has successfully completed an international students’ mobility programme (Erasmus Plus, Erasmus Placement, other international mobility programmes).

The fulfilment of these requirements is automatically verified upon the candidate’s academic career. Therefore eligible candidates do not need to apply nor to provide documents/proof.

A candidate who has not obtained both extra points indicated above may request one optional extra point.

This extra point can be awarded to a candidate who has completed extracurricular experiences of particular distinction and educational content and has duly filed a specific, motivated and documented request to this effect.

Meritorious extracurricular activities include:

  1. Extracurricular internships or traineeships in Italy or abroad which are particularly relevant to the Master programme or of particular distinction;

  2. Participation in a national or international moot competition as a member of the University team, in areas related to the Master programme;

  3. Other experiences showing that the candidate otherwise deserves the extra point, having regard to the curricular and extracurricular experiences (see the Regulation or the Guidance document for more info).

Requests for the extra graduation point, supported by documents certifying the activities carried out by the student, must be sent from the student’s university email address (... . to the Didactic Office of the Law Faculty (

  • The subject of the email must be “Application for an extra graduation point”,
  • In attachment the email must contain:
    • The duly completed application form, accurately describing the activity and the period of performance and motivating the request;
    • All the supporting documents needed to assess the request. They must show for each activity:
      • that the activity was actually done;
      • the timeline and workload of the activity;
      • the detailed content of the activities; and
      • its relevance to the scope and learning objectives of the Master's Programme.

The request, complete with all information, must be filed within the applicable deadline for the submission online of the dissertation. 

Acknowledgement of receipt of the request is given to the student by the Didactic Office.

The requesting student is informed by email of the decision of the “Committee for the awarding of an additional point for graduation”, with a short motivation.